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Check Your Visa Balance

People receive gift cards quite often. The visa branded card is one of the most popular. Besides purchasing gifts users can also make payments online. However, many people find it challenging to check visa balance. This becomes an inconvenience when shopping online. Fortunately, it is quite possible to find the balance of your gift card through an online program.

About Visa Card

Visa is one of the leading global payment brands in the world. The brand is managed by Visa Inc. which has its headquarters in Forster City, California in the United States. It has its operations spread all over the globe. Visa facilitates global payments through electronic funds transfers. The Company provides a platform where consumers, merchants, and financial institutions can settle payments online. The Visa brand is found in credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and other payment options. The company does not issue the debit, credit or gift cards but only offers Visa branded products.

Why Use To Check Visa Balance

Checking the balance on your card should no longer be a daunting task. All you need is to go to Visa Balance. The following are some benefits of using the site to check the balance:

  • User-friendly: - The site comes with a very simple and friendly user interface.
  • Easy and straightforward: - You only need to fill in a few fields which are found on the same page to get your balance.
  • The site is highly secure. This guarantees you of your private information remaining confidential.
  • No requirements are needed to check the balance. Simply login to the site and provide the details of your gift card.

How To Check Your Visa Balance


  • Step 1: Login to the site by typing the correct address which is A page indicated Manage Your Gift Card will open up. You also have a field where you choose your preferred language. For Instance; English or Spanish.
  • Step 2: In the First slot or box type in the number of the Gift Card. This is normally the 16-digit figure found on the face of the gift card. It usually comprises of four sets each containing four numbers. Do not include any spaces, hyphens, dashes, or dots between the sets of numbers.
  • Step 3: Below the first box or field there is yet another slot. The slot is marked Card Security Code (CSV). The CSV is a three digit number found on the backside of the gift card. It is located next to the field where you append your signature.
  • Step 4: Press enter or the Log in field. Upon doing this the balance on your visa gift card will be displayed.

NB: Besides viewing the card balance you can also view other activities. These are the transactions that were facilitated using the gift card.

The ability to check the balance on your visa gift card is a welcome idea. In fact, the process is much easier than many people expected. By simply keying-in a few details you will be able to know the exact balance left on your gift card. To avoid those embarrassing moments where you have insufficient funds always check visa balance.

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